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The California State University Shiley Institute for Palliative Care offers working health professionals, teams, and organizations the latest, most comprehensive and evidence-based training in palliative care. Our professional development programs deliver the convenience of online learning with the reach and reputation of California State University.

Our high-quality online courses and certificate programs offers health professionals in all disciplines with the skills they need to improve serious-illness care, advance their careers, and pursue hospice and palliative care certification.

Our success is also built on helping large and small healthcare organizations train clinical staff in evidence-based palliative care skills that address critical needs in the delivery of care. We partner with hospitals, health systems, clinics, and community-based programs to deliver top-quality, custom and affordable continuing education programs that support employee resilience while improving patient care and satisfaction— the cornerstone of value-based care.



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CSU Shiley Institute for Palliative Care

333 South Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92096

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CSUPalliativeCare

Twitter: @csupalliative

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/csushileyinstituteforpalliativecare

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Jim Shaw, Director Sales and Business Development

Brandon McDonald, Client Relations Manager

Makario Ruano, Relationship Manager


  • CSU Shiley Institute for Palliative Care 2021 Course Catalog
    (PDF Download)
  • APRN Certificate in Palliative Care
    (PDF Download)
  • RN Certificate in Palliative Care
    (PDF Download)
  • Certificate in Clinical Pediatric Palliative Care
    (PDF Download)
  • Certificate for Social Workers
    (PDF Download)
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Jim Shaw will be available all hours.

Tuesday, March 23 
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